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TAP Into Paterson: Visa Scholarship Puts Paterson Student on Path to Debt Free College Education

BY Steve Lenox August 27, 2021    PATERSON, NJ - Just by entering New Jersey Institute of Technology this fall Micah Demarest is already well on his way to achieve something no one else in his immediate family has yet, to obtain a college education. He’s also got another goal, to graduate debt-free. “I took

Tap into Paterson: NJCDC, Paterson Public Schools Host College Sendoff. Nearly $25K in Scholarships Awarded

By KYLE NARDINE July 3, 2021   PATERSON, NJ -  While COVID-19 caused the event to go from its traditional in person celebration to a virtual one, the impact of The New Jersey Community Development Corporation (NJCDC) and Paterson Public Schools’ 7th Annual College Sendoff was in no way diminished. With only 11 percent of

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