BY Andrew Ramos

Jun 23, 2021 


PATERSON, N.J. — The city of Paterson and the way it responds to emergencies got a colossal upgrade Wednesday.

The city unveiled its new, state of the art centralized communications center where it will consolidate and centralize all emergency communications throughout the city from one site.

Those transfers between overlapping dispatch systems — which often eat up precious time between a 911 call and on the scene response — are now eliminated.

How will the high tech system work? The center will receive the call, and after the address is put in, the incident is classified and immediately transmitted.

It then automatically dispatched an emergency unit best fit to respond to the situation.

It cuts out the middle man, which is the way the old center — now defunct — worked.

In addition to the center, the city also purchased 500 new radios for officers, described as a game changer, as it will allow for a direct line of communication not just between police and fire departments, but other agencies throughout the entire state.

The center, which is currently housed at police headquarters at 111 Broadway, will eventually be moved to the city’s main communication center on Pennsylvania Avenue.


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