By Emily Young

PATERSON, N.J. – The Heritage Center at Alexander Hamilton had its ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday.

The center, partnering with 30 different organizations including Paterson Reads, looks to increase readership in Paterson, by putting a mini library inside it.

Residents can stop in, borrow a book, return it and choose another one.

The city is hoping initiatives like this will increase student reading comprehension, which sits at only 31 percent right now, according to officials.

“We know kids need to learn to read until third grade, but after third grade they need to read to learn,” Rosie Grant, executive director of the Paterson Education Fund, said.

We found some avid readers itching to get their hands on some new books.

“We love to read; we having so many books,” Madison exclaimed.

“We have so many books under my bed,” her sister Joee said.

Lenisa said, “I picked this book out, because I have so many books of him. He made a lot of books, and I have them at home.”

They tell me reading a book is a great way to break up screen time.

“When kids are reading, they want a break and want to go watch TV, so reverse it,” Dortea said. “You’re watching TV, playing videogames or whatever, you need to take a break from it and read, because right now, all the kids are in school, they need to take a break from technology sometimes, so they can just read a book.”

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