RIVERDALE, NJ – Dr. Ben Burton (CEO and founder) of The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy has made this year’s company’s mission to help protect and provide PPE to those in need. Earlier this year, PPE and mask donations were donated to two nursing homes, five essential support departments, two community centers, and seven hospitals and medical practices, who are dedicating their lives to combat this virus with incredible courage and unwavering devotion. The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy sees giving back as part of their central beliefs and culture and seeks meaningful ways to bring a positive future to those most vulnerable.

Dr. Burton and his team have also created homeless kits (toiletries, non-perishable food items, socks, etc.) that he personally drives into NYC to safely hand out to the homeless. Understanding that homeless shelters, crisis centers, and animal shelters have the bare minimum of necessities, his organization has purchased 3,000 N95 masks to distribute throughout the Northern NJ area to those who are most vulnerable.

Organizations like Eva’s Kitchen (Paterson, NJ), Community Service Program Assistance Headquarters (Passaic, NJ), Greater Bergen County (Hackensack, NJ), and Homeless Solutions (Morristown, NJ) depend entirely on donations from caring community members. Since the health-crisis has plagued so many, it has been a challenge for these non-profits to keep homeless kits and PPE stocked while providing their primary services. Hearing and knowing that homeless shelters have had to turn people away without masks, Dr. Burton’s practice took quick action towards a solution.

“As a Doctor of Physical Therapy for children, athletes, and senior patients, my best day is knowing I brought meaningful contributions that have impacted lives. Being part of The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy has provided me significant insight and awareness to the importance of community support,” says Dr. Catherine Andrasko, Clinic Manager and Dual Board Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy in Pediatrics and Sports. “With this organization, I can continue to work philanthropically and support our social responsibility.”

Additionally, people in isolation need accompaniment, and emotionally supportive feelings may be provided through pet adoption. After becoming aware that a lack of PPE may impact pet adoptions at some shelters, the organization shifted from a collection of pet supplies to purchasing masks for the volunteers and visitors at several local animal shelters.

“Working for The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy has given me a sense of fulfillment, being able to lessen the struggles and sacrifices that front line workers have made this year, ensuring crisis centers can help alleviate instability, and bringing pet companionship to people who may feel alone,” says Dr. Melanie Eskin, Co-Clinic Manager, and Executive Leadership Team Member. “With sincerity and deep appreciation, I can provide my community with enduring support.”

You can learn more about The New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy and their partner locations Paramus Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Wayne Orthopedic Physical Therapy, and Montville Orthopedic Physical Therapy on their website.

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